New Driveway Completion

Concrete is by far the best solution for a driveway as it is strong, durable and low maintenance. A concrete driveway is able to cope with the weight of a car day after day. The days.

Many different designs are also available depending on the concrete finish that you choose.

We’re Professionals

Is a good idea to have your concrete poured by a professional as they will ensure that the right number of expansion joints is cut into the concrete. The expansion joints in this project were important to the client as they will need to help to prevent the concrete from cracking in different weather conditions. We had to ensure that the driveway is correctly sealed so that the concrete is water repellent and resists staining from things such as oil spills from the car.

We’re highly skilled professionals and as you’ll see with this job will lay the new driveway to exacting standards, with a great deal of preparation to ensure that we meet are own   expectations and exceed the clients.

“Empire concert were fantastic, they are a great an efficient team to work with and completed are new driveway with in budget and on time.”

Thank You

Susan Tate.

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